Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Make your own dice

Playing a game where you need some dice, but you don't have enough sets for the whole class, or are just annoyed by the noise?  You can buy some giant dice, or just make your own (kind of). 

There are 2 things I do:

1. Make a grid pattern on a piece of paper.  Put numbers (1-4, or 1-6, whatever!) on it in a random pattern.  Then, to pick the number the students get their pencil, close their eyes and pick a square. 

2. Get some of the new, small 10 won coins.  Have the students throw them and see how they land.  2 heads is a 1, 1 head and 1 tail is a 2, and 2 tails is a 3.  Makes sense? 

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