Friday, April 29, 2011

Don't be this guy at the office

A hater story from a Geek in Korea.  One of his co-workers is bringing the whole office down due to his constant complaining.  It makes me thankful that I have a private office.  It's definitely one of the things to ask about when you're comparing your uni job offers.  To me, I'd take a 100 000/month pay hit just to not deal with all the gossip, negativity and inane conversation that happens when a bunch of foreigners in Korea get together. 

Anyway, some advice for you.  Don't be that person.  When you come to Korea for the first time, or start a new uni job just chill out for the first few months.  Things are going to be chaotic.  Korea style is bali bali (fast/fast), last minute.  It usually works itself out in the end.  Try to never complain.  Just tell yourself things are different.  And in your first semester at a uni, you probably won't get that much overtime.  All the vets who know the ropes will snap it up before you.  Don't complain or stress about it.  Just make some connections and figure out how things work for next semester.  Drop your name around as willing to work OT.  And if you have a bad schedule your first semester?  Well, things change in 16 weeks so don't stress. 

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John from Daejeon said...

With your love of scuba, this warm weather job might be of interest to you:

If it was a little closer to the mainland, I'd be all over it, especially after this past brutal winter.