Monday, May 2, 2011

Oh technology, I just can't count on you

Today, in one of the extra programs I teach in it's an activity day.  We can play a game, watch a video, go for a walk or whatever we want.  I brought in a Friends DVD and was going to play an episode for the class.  The first classroom has a computer that doesn't work.  Okay, change classrooms with another teacher.  The next classroom won't play my DVD for some reason, even though it worked on the office computer.  The computer science student couldn't get it working either, so it wasn't just my lack of computer or Korean skills. 

Anyway, I'm happy I had Pictionary as a back-up.  I always have a back-up when planning anything like this.  Sometimes, it just seems not worth it to use technology when I have to make a back-up lesson plan in case it doesn't work. 

I feel annoyed.

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