Monday, May 16, 2011

Task Based Language Teaching

I attended a presentation by Joanne McCuaig on Task-Based Teaching at the recent Kotesol Conference.  I liked the ideas that I heard, which included: photo-essays, advertisements, and a Buy Nothing Day thing.  However, I walked away feeling a bit confused and unclear as to how to actually set it up and go about it.  It's a little overwhelming.  And I wished she had expanded upon it a bit more and given me some of the practicalities, instead of letting us talk amongst ourselves for 25 of the 50 minutes. Like a grading grid, or examples of post-task activities. 

And, in most of my classes, I have this gargantuan book with what feels like 1000 pages to cover in a single semester, so I wonder how spending so much class time on a task would really fit into this.  One day I would like to do a class that is all task-based.  It would be a good challenge and a new direction for me in how I teach ESL.  Maybe one day!

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