Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Celta is done!

...and with a strong finish.  An above standard on my last lesson and my tutor said it was one of the best he'd seen at the Celta level.  Nice!  It was a listening lesson, with speaking/writing as a secondary focus.  Here is what I did:

1. Set the context.  I had students talk for a few minutes about what types of media are becoming more and less popular these days and why.

2. Pre-task (prediction). The listening was 5 people answering specific questions about their media usage.  So, I had the students predict answers to the 5 questions, such as: "Do people prefer watching movies in the theater or at home?"

3. Gist-listening task.  Then the students had to listen and see if their predictions were true.

4. Detailed listening task.  I had some questions for the students to answer, and I gave them time to read the questions before playing the listening again.

5. Post-task.  I had a few discussion questions, based on the listening.

6. Survey.  The students had to choose a media-related topic (from a list), make up some questions, survey their classmates and then report the results back to the group.  It ended up being a very interesting activity, and covered speaking/listening/writing, which is always ideal. 

Anyway, the course is done and I'm back to my normal life activities of having friends (besides those on the Celta course) and exercising, and stuff like that.  I got a "Pass B," which is slightly higher than most people who take the course.

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Congratulations 😃