Thursday, May 10, 2012

Celta Update

The end is coming, with only 2 more weeks left of the course.  And 2 more teaching practices (and all the stress that comes along with it).  The transformation of the teachers in my group is pretty amazing (myself included perhaps?).  We were all generally clueless (in the Celta way) as to how to go about teaching a reading lesson or a grammar lesson.  And now, we can do it on our sleep and pick out the finer details of all the stages when observing our peers. 

The best thing about the course is definitely the small size of it.  There are 12 of us that get together for the "input" sessions, but then we're broken up into groups of 6 for the teaching practice.  It's kind of an ideal size to get to know each other really well and help each other out.

The worst thing for sure is the early mornings and commuting to Seoul.  But, of course, that's not the fault of the course and I signed up for it!  Thank god for the KTX, which at least makes it fast (albeit outrageously expensive).  I'm not sure the 1 month intensive option is really a better choice though.  I can't even imagine how exhausting that would be. 

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Walter Foreman said...

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