Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Celta Teaching Practice 7

It's done!  To standard.  I tried to combine a reading lesson and a listening lesson (+ some speaking at the end) to challenge myself and in retrospect, I should have just chosen one focus and taken the easy way out.  And actually, that's a bit of a frustration for me.  You don't actually have to be creative, or interesting, or keep the students motivated and focused, and actually learning to get an above standard.  As long as you don't screw up and you have all the stages down, with a good context, it seems like you can get it.  If I went into my uni classes with these Celta lessons (that get standard or above standard), it would be crash and burn for the most part.           

Anyway,  only one more hour-long lesson to go, and it's a listening, which is quite hard to fail since the necessary stages of that type of lesson are pretty straightforward and clear.  Grammar or Vocab lessons are a bit trickier because there are more steps to them and with higher levels of students, it might be possible to get caught up on some difficult question or get confused about something.  The students I'm teaching now are smart, and really good at English!

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