Monday, July 30, 2012

No more Native Speakers in Seoul Middle or High Schools come February

Korea times article here.

My $0.02? I think it's not a bad move.  I'd take a "young Korean teacher...with overseas experience" any day, over a fresh out of uni, completely untrained Native Speaker.  However, perhaps a far better idea is the public schools requiring a Celta for all English teachers, both foreign and Korean.  I think there are very, very few Koreans who could pass, simply because their language skills are not up to speed.   From what I've heard, the "'Teaching English in English certification system of English teachers" is a bit of a joke.


Pinkling said...

your .02 seems logical and equitable... and, therefore, completely untenable. Certification in my state seems like a total joke/money grab/job security for colleges. Yet, a useful course (like Certa) makes good sense-- it's practice based isn't it?

Jackie Bolen said...

Yes, there are 4 hours of evaluated teaching practice on the Celta.