Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Reader Question: Weekend/phone interviews

From Nicholas:

"Something that worries me is my capability to be able to attend the interviews mid week. I know that my schools would have a heart attack if I didn't show up for work and there is no way that they would ever give me time to go for interviews. From where I am at the moment it takes me over 2 hours to reach Seoul and then God knows how many extra hours to reach the potential interview destination. Do Universities do weekend interviews? How about skype and phone interviews?"

The answer that I can give you based upon my own recent experience is that you might be out of luck.  Of the 5 interview offers I've gotten during my recent job search, 3 of them gave me a certain time/day that I needed to attend on weekdays.  I turned down one since I was giving exams, and there was no mention of re-scheduling.  1 uni gave me a choice of 2 different times (both weekdays) and the other one said a certain day, which I couldn't attend and re-scheduled for me. 

Basically, all unis want in-person interviews and if you're in Korea, there's almost no excuse that is good enough for why you'd need a Skype or phone interview.  And nobody wants to work on a Saturday or Sunday, so I think you'll have an extremely hard time finding someone who will schedule an interview for those days.  I know your current school might have a heart-attack, but don't you have a sick day or two in the contract?  I hope you haven't used them yet :)

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