Friday, July 6, 2012

Teaching TOIEC Listening Part 2

Some tips:

Toiec Listening Part 2 consists of a question or a statement and then 3 possible responses.  Students have to choose the best response.  It's repeated only once. 

For example:

When did the bus leave?
A. From Seoul
B. At 10pm
C. It will leave tomorrow at 6am

It's actually quite difficult for the students because there is no context.  It's just random sentences being thrown at them.  Sometimes, I even thought it was hard!  Haha.

Anyway, the best tip that you can give your students is to pay attention to what kind of question is it.  There are W/H questions and yes/no questions. If it's a W/H question, usually one of the answers is a variation of yes/no, which is obviously incorrect.  And the opposite applies for the yes/no questions.  If it's a W/H question, it's extremely important to pay attention to the first word and even if you can't catch the rest of the question, it's often possible to get the correct answer or narrow it down so you have a 50% choice, instead of 33%.

Another thing to pay attention to is tenses, especially "did" and "will."  

Using the example above, if you only heard "when," you could listen for some sort of time, which eliminates choice A.  So you'd have a 50% chance by guessing either B or C.  And if you only heard the first 2 words, "When did," you could get the question right since C is future and did refers to the past.

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