Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to make students sign up for Twitter

I use Twitter as my main form of communication with students.  It's easy and simple to use is the main reason.  And, there are private messages, as well as messages that go out to everyone.

 However, there are just some students who won't sign up.  I even give students a few minutes on the first day to get out their phones, download the app, and follow me.  Many of them do it.  But, some students just sit there and do nothing.  It's kind of weird actually.  I'm not sure why...but maybe:

1. They don't understand me?
2. They don't want any messages from me?
3. They don't like downloading apps?
4. They don't have a Smartphone (very rare in Korea)
5. It's not what the cool kids are doing???

Anyway, whatever the reason, I can't physically take their phones from them and do it.  So, the secret to my success to get students to sign up is to just literally stop using the photocopier and handing out paper.  Just post the links to all reviews/assignments on Twitter and tell the students to check it if they want a copy.  And...most of them do :)


Brian said...

Students are still able to view your messages without having a twitter ID, right? Or do you have your tweets protected? If you have your tweets unprotected you could at least reach the students who don't want to link themselves to yet another account. I hate signing up for stuff---even when I use dummy email addresses---and having to login to and check yet one more website, so that could be a reason students opt out.

Ana Morris said...

But why Twitter exactly? I mean should your really need to require it?

Anonymous said...

Does you school have class captains? At my college every class has one, and I can call him or her as needed when we need to re-schedule or clarify something.

Not that Twitter isn't a good communication tool either.