Friday, September 21, 2012

Save the trees...

...and perfect for lazy teachers too!  Lately, instead of copying things like assignments or midterm review papers, etc, I just type them up in Google Docs (now Google Drive).  And then, I make them public and send a twitter message with the link.  Most students have smartphones, so they can view Twitter that way, but if not, they can log in with their computer at home and use it that way.  Google Docs has a nice Interface for viewing on Smartphones as well.

Some students also will take a picture with their phones of the document when I put it up on the screen to explain their assignment. Anyway, make your life simple and don't deal with annoying copiers!  And the world will thank you as well.

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Ana Morris said...

With the global warming nowadays and so much climate change effects we must always remember the trees. They are our salvation.