Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Reality TV

Today, I taught a lesson about countable/uncountable nouns and a theme that worked really well was Reality TV.  This was my lesson plan:

1. I showed a short clip of an immunity challenge on Survivor.  I explained the game, how it works, the hardships and how much money the winner could get.  Then, I had the students talk with their partner about whether they would like to be on the show or not.  Then, we had a short conversation about popular reality shows in Korea and the students explained 3 or 4 of them to me.

2. Next, I introduced countable/uncoutable by using the "deserted island" activity.  They had to choose from a list of objects (a tent, bottles of water, a box of matches, etc) the 5 things they would take from the sinking ship and why.

3. Then, we did a listening activity from the book that continued along with this theme of "Survivor" and uncountable/countable nouns. 

4. Finally, I explicitly showed the grammar rules on the board, and we played a card game to practice. 

Next class, I will get the students to play the card game in small groups, instead of with the whole group as I did today.  And there are some practice exercises that I will have them do in the book to review what we covered today.

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