Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Upcoming Kotesol Presentations

A quick note for readers of this blog in Korea. I'll be giving a couple presentations at upcoming Kotesol conferences.

1. May 16th-Busan Chapter Kotesol Meeting. "How to Teach Speaking." 5 tips and 5 activities for all levels and ages of students. If you miss it, don't worry...all the stuff is from my upcoming book about ESL Speaking which I'm giving away for free to everyone who signs up for my mailing list. But, of course I promise interactive, informative and fun in person so it'll be better to just come on Saturday!

2. May 30th-Seoul Kotesol National Conference. This is the second biggest English teaching event in Korea (behind the International conference). "How to Get a University Job in South Korea." If you miss this one, you can get the book: How to Get a University Job in South Korea. But, of course in person is better because you can ask questions and get some more immediate feedback for your jobs in Korea related questions.

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