Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Reader Question: Average Monthly Salary Working at a Korean University

A reader question about what average monthly salary you can expect working at a Korean university.

This is particularly relevant to me because in preparation for my move to Canada, I just went to the tax office and got statements of my income and taxes for all the years I've lived in Korea. It was kind of eye opening as I went through them in detail and while most ESL teachers have seen their salaries stagnate over the past decade in Korea, mine has gone up by 10-15%, year after year.  I guess it pays to make the connections, get the qualifications, and hussle up a little OT?

Anyway, that's a whole other story, but back to the original question. The low-end jobs pay about 2.0 million Korean Won/month, while the high-end ones can go up to about 3.0. Then, you'll either get housing or a housing allowance on top of that.

But, where the real money to be made at Korean universities is in the overtime. If a university has lots of it floating around and you can pick up 5-10 hour/week, it can really add up. Or, maybe they have camps during the breaks where you can work a steady 2 or 3 weeks at a time. Finally, they may give you permission to work at outside places like a company or hagwon, which can be the most lucrative part-time gig.

It should be noted that the total salary earned is kind of erratic; in some months I've earned up to 5 or 6 million, while in others, I've done no OT and just earned my regular monthly salary. So save up during the feast times so you won't suffer in the famine.

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