Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reader Questions...

These ones from Ellie.

"Some of my questions would be - where to start? Is it possible to get a decent university job before arriving in Korea? (I have heard that most people transition from hagwon to uni). What are the size of your classes? Are you the only English teacher on campus?"

It's extremely difficult to get a uni job before arriving in Korea, though not impossible. Maybe 1/20 people manage to do it. Another alternative would be to come to Korean on a tourist visa in either August or February, right before the semesters starts. You could pick up some last minute interviews and hopefully get a job.

My class sizes range from 15-25. But I used to have up to 50. There's basically the whole range from 10-100, it just depends on the uni. That's definitely a question to ask at the interview.

I'm not the only teacher on my campus, although this is the case for some people. I work with about 20 other foreigners. Again, depends on the uni.

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