Sunday, April 25, 2010

Response to Reader Questions

These ones from Hannah, Mark and Philip.

1. I do not have any specific unis to recommend since I've only worked at my own.  I love my job, but you might hate it, since I don't know you and what you'll like.  Some people want to be in Seoul instead of the countryside or teach higher level students, etc, etc, etc.  Look on the Korean job forums at for advice on specific cities, etc. 

2. If you don't have a Masters degree, your chance of getting a uni job from NOT in Korea is almost non-existent.  You can maybe get lucky if you're here for interviews and have a few connections of some sort. 

3. Look on for job leads.  This is the only site I really use.

4. As for whether kindi kids or uni students are easier to teach?  Well, that depends on the person.  I love uni because I'm not really a kid person.  Some people love kids so kindi is better for them.  With uni comes paperwork/admin/serious lesson planning so disorganized people generally seem to not like it.  If you want to open up your book and see what you're teaching the first minute you walk into class, then the kindi kids might be better.

5. Teaching demos for interviews?  Look online for some sample uni lesson plans.  I'm sure there are lots out there :)  And yes, it is different from teaching kids but less so than you would expect!

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