Monday, May 3, 2010

How did you land a university job?

A response to a reader question that I'll post here for the benefit of everyone.  Some of my previous posts that might be helpful:

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And my own story: I made connections.  I started at a hagwon, and then went back to Canada and got a Masters degree.  I used some connections to get a better hagwon job my second time 'round and finished up my masters by distance because I had so much free time.  And then I used connections from my first two years to get some introductions at unis.  And I am a young, North American girl, so seemed to be in much demand.  I applied for 2 jobs and got offers at both.  It seems to be all about who you know. 

And p.s. my readers: I will not do any intros for people I don't know, so please don't ask :)  Even if I   know you personally, I may or may not!  Haha!

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