Sunday, August 28, 2011

First Day of Class

And so it begins...another semester, my 9th at this same university.  After 8 semesters, I'm still nervous for the first day of class.  Anyway, here is my plan for today:

1. Teacher Introduction.  I basically give my name, and how they can contact me. 

2. Attendance, and I pass around an information sheet so I can get their names, phone numbers and email addresses. 

3. Textbook stuff.

4. Rules and attendance policy. 

5. Grades and assignments this semester.

6. Online Homework: I will show a short video and do a demo for how they can sign up.

7. Homework for next week: sign up for online homework thing and buy book.

Then I let them go early.  I'm all business on the first day and for the first couple weeks.  Then, once I get to know the students better and they know me and we have a kind of respect thing going, I loosen up and have more fun with them. 

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