Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More reader questions....contacting unis

These ones from Matt:

"Should I contact universities by phone, email, snail mail? What do they prefer over there?

Are there many non-English degree professors teaching English in the universities?"

1. I always think a snail mail package is much more impressive, but more expensive and time-consuming on your end.  You'll have a hard time getting through to the person who actually hires on the phone.  And email is an easy way to contact a huge numbers of unis.

Your best bet is to look at job ads ( and follow the directions PRECISELY.  Many people don't and the applications just get thrown out. 

2. Yes, most people don't have English degrees.  A master's degree in anything is good enough, especially for the lower-level unis out in the countryside.  It might be a challenge to get a job in Seoul with something not related to English, education or TESL. 


Mr. Henderson said...

I'm with you that snail mail is a better option. When I was job searching, I basically sent out a thick packet which included a cover letter, resume, copy of my transcripts, copy of my diploma, letters of recommendation, and a passport size photo. After sending out around 150 packets, I only received about 10 responses. This could have been because I applied in the fall, or because I hadn't started on my masters yet. Nevertheless, I got hired at national university on the east coast.

I was fortunate enough to have a former coworker give me a file which had many addresses for universities, but here are couple of sites that might be helpful:

Jackie Bolen said...

10 responses isn't bad!