Thursday, March 29, 2012

My first Celta Lesson

So the first teaching practice out of the 8 is done and I got an "Above Standard."  I had to do a grammar lesson on the Simple Past, which is very similar to what I do for my actual job.  Present a grammar lesson in an organized kind of way, and plan some interactive, interesting kind of activities that get the students involved.  And keep things moving along at a good pace so the students are on-task and not bored.  And give clear instructions, which I can do in my sleep at this point, since the students at my uni are often extremely low-level.  It was actually a refreshing change to have the students for the Celta Course who are actually interested in learning English, and participate in class, and are generally higher-level than the people that I teach.

Anyway, the Celta is actually kind of ridiculously easy for someone who's been teaching for a few years, since the course is geared to the person who has never set foot in a classroom before.  If only I had taken this course years ago, it could have actually really helped me with my teaching skills!  But, expectations do get higher as the course goes on, so I'll have to keep on my toes and make sure I hit all the points expected for each type of lesson.

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