Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Perfect Storm of Goodness

In my recent presentation and public speaking class, I got the highest evaluation score that I've ever received in a class: 98%.  It was my first time teaching this type of class, so the potential was definitely there for it to be not as fabulous as it could have been. However, there was a perfect storm of motivated, friendly students, interesting content that the students had never studied before, a teacher excited to teach something besides beginner conversation, and a most fabulous book (thanks Kotesol Facebook site for the rec's).  Speaking of Speech by David Harrington.  I really, truly cannot say enough good things about it.  Go get it.  And, also check out Presentation Expressions which is something I most definitely wish I'd found before teaching this class.


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Robert Black said...

What form does the student satisfaction survey come in? Is it something you give out yourself or a school-based evaluation?