Thursday, January 24, 2013

Reader Question: French Teaching Position in Korea

"I discovered your blog doing some research to find a job in Korea. I'm actually looking for a FRENCH teaching position in a Korean university. There are not many resources (to say the least) about French teaching in Korea. I know there's certainly less jobs than in ESL.  Any idea where to look, what to begin with? Recruiters? Or contacting universities directly?"

My answer:

Yes, you certainly are correct in saying that there are less jobs in French teaching than in ESL in Korea.  Over my 8 years in Korea, I've met thousands of English teachers, but precisely 3 French teachers.  Native speaking Japanese and Chinese teachers are much more common even.  So, it certainly is possible but probably very difficult, if not almost impossible to get a position.  And, I truly don't have any fabulous ideas about where to look for these jobs.  Maybe contacting the French departments at universities in Korea directly?  Perhaps the readers of this blog could give some tips.

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