Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Presentation Project Ideas

I've done a few variations on the Group/Solo Presentations over the years.  Here they are:

1. A speech.  Each student was alone and they had to choose from a variety of topics I gave them, such as "family" or "hobby."  I think they had to speak for 1.5-2 minutes, without a paper.  This was kind of boring for the audience and I only did it once.

2.  A discussion/presentation.  The group had to give a presentation about a topic of their choosing and think of at least 5 interesting questions/surveys/activities that groups could discuss or do for about 30 minutes after their presentation.  This had varying results, since some groups chose a topic that led to a lot of "yes/no" answers and discussions that lasted about 2 minutes.  This could be avoided by approving the topics in advance and requiring groups to submit their assignment for feedback a week before the actual presentation.

3. A poster/presentation.  Each group had to choose a current issue (like environmental pollution, celebrity suicide, North Korea) and make a poster that had English writing +pictures.  Then, they had to do a presentation based on the poster where each group member spoke for 2 minutes, without a paper.  If I ever did this again, I would do something where the audience was more involved, such as peer grading.

4. A Powerpoint presentation on a topic of the group's choosing.  This has the potential to be very interesting, or PPT death.  It all depends on how you set it up.  I didn't set it up very well the only time I did it and the results weren't great.

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