Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Reader Question...Korea with children

These questions from Kia:

"1. My husband and I both are interested in teaching in Korea this year. Which company do you recommend?"

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "company."  A school, a chain of schools, a uni, a recruiting agency?  The ESL landscape changes so rapidly in Korea that it can really be hard to give any blanket advice on what recruiter or hagwon chain is a "good" one and which is one is a "bad" one.  Most people end up randomly picking a school for their first year, having not a great experience, but wising up and picking a much better job for year two!  

"2. We also have a two year old.. Will this be a bad thing? Or would it be easy to find childcare?"

Finding childcare without speaking any Korea will be difficult.  Even after a few years in Korea and some basic Korea I'd find it quite a difficult task. 

However, childcare isn't the biggest issue here.  Most schools will not provide housing suitable for a family, especially for first-year teachers coming from overseas. 

"3. My husband has a Visual Arts teaching license and is working on his thesis for his Masters.. could he find a Uni job?"

It would be very unlikely in his first year.  Second year, with a completed masters it is very possible.

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Thoughts Aloft said...

Childcare is incredibly cheap...about 377,000 a month which includes a music and art lesson a week....thats for 17months-about 30 months...next level up its 287,000 a month. you can take them as early as 9 and leave them there until 5 if you wanted to...depending on the place.

The English barrier and difference in culture can sometimes be annoying but you could also ask a Korean to help you find childcare. The YWCA has a babysitting service but its like 10,000 an hour and its MUCH cheaper to go with a daycare.

Housing could certainly be an issue unless you tell them we need a two bedroom place...we are two people we need a two bedroom place....