Thursday, February 16, 2012

Reader Question....Delta, but no Masters

This question from Zoe:

"I have been teaching English for 3 years, I have the CELTA and now the Diploma in teaching, the DELTA so am well qualified in the area.

As this is the case i am not prepared to teach in a hagwon and would really want to teach in a Uni, unfortunately i dont have a Masters and have seen that uni want to employ people already in the country.

I was wondering if you think i could still apply? In addition when is the best time to do so?"

My response:

Most people (even with a Masters in TESL/Education) have a difficult, but not entirely impossible time getting a job from outside the country.   There are a few unis (not the jobs really worth having!) that hire from overseas.  These will usually involve things like camps during the breaks that are unpaid, or teaching some kids at night, or a shared office with 20 other people, or something of that sort.  But, it can be a decent way to get your foot in the door and then look for a prime job in your second year.

Unfortunately, Korea is not a country that places really any value on the Celta/Delta.  Many people that are hiring won't even know what they are and will just want to know if you have a Masters or not. 

The best time to apply for jobs was 1-3 months ago, for a March start.  There are also jobs starting in September, so have a look around 1-4 months before that time.

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