Friday, November 16, 2012

The Cell-Phone Addiction Unit

It seems like every single ESL Textbook for adults/uni students seems to have a unit on increasing cell-phone usage/addiction.  A fun way to introduce this is by having students use their smartphones to take a quiz.

It was really easy for me to give students the link via Twitter.  I use Twitter instead of giving handouts for things like the syllabus or midterm exam review papers in my classes, so it motivates all the students to sign up for it.  Anyway, I asked the students to open up their Twitter app and look for the Tweet that I'd already posted that morning before class.  They clicked on that tweet and were shown a link for the cell-phone quiz.   It took them about 5 minutes to do it and they could then get their result in a percentage for how addicted they are to their cell-phone. 

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