Monday, April 21, 2014

Getting a Uni Job in Korea Tip #9: Experience

These days, due to government regulations it seems like most jobs ads want candidates to have a BA+4 years experience or an MA +2 years.  It varies for what this "experience" can consist of, but the general requirement is that it be at a Korean uni.  If you don't have that, what can you do? 

There are a few options, but they all have their positives and negatives:

1. Work at a high school in Korea, although this will be extremely difficult to find since most of those positions have been cut.

2. Work at an international high school in Korea, preferably teaching high school, if you're qualified (teacher's certificate from back home).

3. Teach adults at a hagwon (private institute), but we warned that this experience may not "count."

4. Teach at a university outside Korea, but this experience may also not count. 

5. Teach anyone in Korea, including children and hope for the best.  But, public school is probably better than hagwon and this experience will be more respected.

***whatever you do, make sure you get proof of employment through an "employment certificate***  It's an official form in Korea and all employers are required to give it you by law.  A reference letter isn't good enough.

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