Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Power Through It: Essay Grading

This semester, I'm teaching 3 advanced writing classes, which means that I have over 100 hundred, 5 paragraph essays of varying quality to grade.  Here is my system to get it done in record time, with minimal brain fry-age. 

I do it at home in my "office."  It's a little room where I store my sports equipment.  What is has going for is that I can spread out all my papers and it doesn't have my computer/phone.  I divide my essays into groups of 8.  Then, I do one pile at a time and in between each pile, I take a little mental-health break.  I cook some dinner, or hang up a load of laundry or exercise or watch a TV show.  It's the best way to see each paper with "fresh-eyes" and not "tired-eyes" because each student deserves a fair grade. 

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