Saturday, April 12, 2014

Teaching: the Small Stuff that Actually Matters #9/10

So, I had a great time yesterday at the Kotesol Busan-Gyeongnam Symposium, learning lots of good stuff and my presentation went very well.  But, I didn't quite finish this series!  Here are the last 2:

#9: Plan.  It's not a badge of honor to walk into class, ask your students what page you're teaching and then start "teaching." It's actually kind of ridiculous and even teachers with 30 years experience make a "plan."  All teachers should lesson plan; it just shows respect for our students.

#10: Never lose your cool.  Getting angry in Korea will NEVER get you the results you want, so you really need to stay calm at all times in class.  If your students don't do their homework, think about why they didn't.  Maybe it's just busy work and not actually helpful.  Perhaps they have no external carrot or stick for doing it.  Give them one.

If there is a particular student who is giving you a difficult time, take them outside the class and have a talk.  If you lose your cool and show a bit of anger, it's not so terrible.  But, never do it in front of the class.  Students who are acting out, just want to cause you to have a negative reaction in front of their classmates.  Don't give that to them.  You'll find that they are probably much more humble and apologetic 1-1 outside in the hallway.

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