Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Small Stuff that Matters #6: Simple is Better

I'm all about simple in almost all aspects of my life and that includes teaching.  I like to go simple in the following ways:

1. PPTs- white background, black text.  No animation/graphics, etc.  Just the info.

2. The amount of info in a class.  Instead of like 10 different grammar points, 1-2 is better.  Instead of 20 vocab words, 5 is better.  Instead of a million and one activities and games, just a few that you can expand upon.

3. Grading.  Make simple homework and tests that are easy to grade.  Not multiple choice of course, but like essays for conversation classes is just too complicated.

4. And going along with grading, if something is worth 20% of your final grade, why not make it out of 20 points?

5. Routines.  Have a routine so that the students know what to expect and you have something to assist you in your planning.

Simple!  It's better!

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