Sunday, March 29, 2015

Reader Question: is the Delta Worth it?

Cambridge Delta
Is the Delta Worth it?

"I came across your article on doing the Delta on Profs Abroad when doing a Google search for TESOL jobs in Europe with a DELTA. I've been thinking of what to do post Korea, and the DELTA seems to be the best move. Was your DELTA experience successful in improving your teaching skill and providing more job opportunities?"

My answer:

Take my advice for what it is because I've only taught ESL in Korea and can't really answer the question as to whether or not the DELTA will help you get a job in Europe. But, I can say that the CELTA and DELTA are far more recognizable just about anywhere in the world than they are in East Asia (Korea, Taiwan, China and Japan), so the DELTA could potentially open up a few doors for you. It has not helped me get a job in Korea so far, but I have not "shopped it around" yet (and likely never will since I'm moving back to Canada in about a year).

As for the teaching skill thing: yes, the DELTA did help me improve my teaching skills significantly, especially Module 1. It was the first time in my entire teaching and learning career where I actually had to put the time in to get an extremely firm grasp on English grammar since there was a quite difficult test I had to write. The CELTA did cover a bit of grammar but there was never a test so I didn't have a lot of motivation to really truly know it.

I find when teaching that I'm a lot more confident in explaining difficult concepts to my students and am able to answer questions much more effectively. Like even though my students are third and fourth year English majors, I can answer pretty much any grammar question they have, usually off the top of my head. Before the DELTA, this wasn't so much the case and I'd often have to say, "I'll tell you next class!" I'm also able to do things like give more effective feedback to students when evaluating their writing because I have a big-picture framework in my head.

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