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The Best TEFL Jobs in the World

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The Best English Teaching Jobs Around the World
This is another guest post from Sharon over at TEFL-Tips, which is a site that I might even venture to say is more helpful than this one (!) and you should check it out if you haven't done so already. Her first post was about Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Peru and for the second post, I've asked her to choose some up and coming destinations that English teachers might want to consider (for my own thoughts about prime ESL teaching destinations, check out: The Wealthy English Teacher. Without further ado, I'll turn it over to Sharon:

The Best TEFL Jobs in the World

At the beginning of 2014, I started to post a list of the best TEFL jobs around the world. I choose these jobs based on money and here are the reasons why I did that. Its true that money isn't everything so I have another list of popular countries around the world that you might consider teaching in if money isn't your main motivation: Best Countries to Teach English In.

I like organizing information and looking for good jobs is one of my hobbies. By posting a list of some of the best jobs around the world, I hope to let teachers know that there really are well-paying TEFL jobs out there. Here are some of the places I would recommend teaching in:


The small country of Brunei has many perks for teachers. The good location and safety also help draw teachers there. The Best TEFL Jobs in Brunei


China is an up-and-coming TEFL destination. While Korea and Japan are becoming saturated with TEFL teachers, China is a huge country meaning that theres less competition. The low cost of living means that you can live pretty well too. Housing, insurance, and flights are often included. The Best TEFL Jobs in China


Colombia is a gorgeous country and salaries are pretty good compared to the low cost of living. The Best TEFL Jobs in Columbia


Korea has been a top destination for a long time. Perks and benefits include housing, flights, insurance, and pension. The Best TEFL Jobs in Korea


Tutoring can be very lucrative in Russia and its easy to supplement your salary. The Best TEFL Jobs in Russia

teach ESL onlineOnline Teaching

Teaching online means that you can teach anywhere and supplement your main salary.

Schools with Branches around the World

If you get a job with an employer that has schools around the world its easy to change countries while maintaining job stability. The Best TEFL Jobs Worldwide

I really enjoyed putting together my list of the best TEFL jobs around the world. I have posts coming out this month about teacher self-evaluations, the salary myth, online doctorates, and mid-term student evals over at TEFL-Tips. Ive been TEFLing for 12 years and blogging for about 7. Its neat to see how much the TEFL community has changed during this time. I plan on teaching for many more years and Im excited to see what the future brings. 

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