Thursday, March 12, 2015

Where to teach English: China

teach English China
Teaching ESL in China
We continue on with the series on ESL teaching destinations around the world. I've previously talked about plenty of other places, but to name just a few:

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Today, it's all about teaching English in China- what follows is an excerpt from the book, The Wealthy English Teacher: Teach, Travel, and Secure Your Financial Future, where I rank China as an "okay" destination because while it does have plenty of good things going for it, there are some significant negatives as well.

China is very similar to Vietnam in that it is an up and coming country with a growing economy and rising salaries for ESL teachers but has a very low cost of living, especially outside Beijing and Shanghai. It also has the huge advantage of having an in-demand language that could benefit you greatly in your future career if you use your time there to become fluent. China is not in the top-rated group for a few reasons including: while salaries for the private institute jobs are reasonably high (but you will have to work hard for it--around 30 teaching hours/week), they are very low for university jobs, and it is quite difficult to find a quality job in China simply because it is such a big place and there is not that much information.

Perhaps the biggest drawbacks and the main reasons why I would not go there are the pollution and lack of safety standards for things like food, manufactured items and infrastructure, police unwillingness to get involved in any disputes involving a foreigner, difficulty in getting money out of the country, a very poor quality of health care as well as lack of freedom as it relates to the Internet. I depend on things like Facebook to keep me connected with my friends and family around the world and do not want to have to deal with trying to get around this with proxy servers and other such annoying things.


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