Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Where to Teach ESL: Malaysia

Malaysian Flag
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Teaching English in Malaysia

Along with Vietnam, Malaysia is a place that you will find lots of teachers who used to teach in Korea or Japan but have moved on to bigger and better things. While there are not that many English teaching jobs in Malaysia, the ones that are available are excellent in terms of salary, professionalism and vacation--especially the mentor-teacher ones where you travel to public schools and work with the local English teachers. However, out of all the countries in South-East Asia, it is perhaps one of the least attractive ones for a variety of reasons including lack of tourist infrastructure (of which any foreigner working there would benefit from), food, and a high prevalence of Islam and the negative things associated with that, especially for women.

Working in Malaysia-Helpful Resources

Teaching English in Malaysia- A concise introduction.

The Best TEFL jobs in Malaysia- From the most fabulously helpful website, TEFL-Tips. All the major companies that do the popular mentoring program can be found here. (As an aside, I went to Malaysia to visit an old friend last summer; he is now doing one of the mentorship programs. He loved it and it did seem like a great job from everyone I talked to about it).

Teach Away- University ESL Instructors in Malaysia-  This is a recruiting company, but it seems like a very decent job, especially for those who want to teach university students.

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