Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Can/can't...a fun game

This week, my classes are learning about can/can't.  A fun game you can play is the following:

Put the students in teams of 2, 3, or 4 depending on how big your classes are.  They have to pick 1 animal, and 1 thing, but must keep it a secret from their classmates.  My 2 examples were:

Animal: Giraffe

1. It can eat leaves
2. It can't live in Korea
3. It can see easily over tall things

Thing: Air Conditioner

1. I can see it now
2. It can be bad for the environment
3.It can help me in the summer but not winter.

The students write their 2 secret words, as well as their 3 hints for each one.  Then you collect the papers and use them to play a game.  There are various ways you can do it, but I will go in a circle based on where the teams are sitting.   The team whose paper I'm reading has to be quiet and can't give hints.  The first team get the first hint and then they can have a guess.  If no answer, the next team gets hint #2 and a guess.  And so on.  If the three hints don't do it, I'll give additional hints so make sure your students write the answers on the papers.

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