Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Switching from elementary to uni...Reader Questions

These ones from Kerry:

"1. Regarding the interview. What kinds of questions should I expect?  And what questions should I ask them?

 2. I'm making  2.6 million won a month here teaching 22 hours a week (plus desk warming until 5 pm) and was wondering if the pay/hours at universities would be close.

3.Typically, do universities provide housing? "

My answers:

1.About the interview, I've talked about it here already.  And actually, I'm not really the guru on this one, I've only been to 2 in Korea.  As for what to ask them...well, what's important to you I guess!  But, I'd caution you not to waste your interviewer's time with trifling stuff like whether your office has a printer, or if your housing has a washing machine.  They often won't even know all this logistical stuff. 

2. Typical pay is 2.0-2.5/month for 12-18 hours/week teaching.

3. Unis will usually provide housing.  If they don't, they'll offer you a housing allowance of 300 000 Won+ /month.

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