Tuesday, November 30, 2010

High drop-out rate of Native English Teachers due to lack of qualifications?

It seems to be, according to this article from the Joongang Daily.  I would just have to add a few things to the list:

1. Most unhelpful and/or creepy co-teachers in public schools who have no interest in working with a foreigner to conduct English classes.

2. Moldy, one-room hovels that pretend to be appropriate housing.

3. Not being paid for the work done.  Or not getting the promised benefits, such as health-care of pension.

4. Desk-warming with the janitor while all your co-workers are at home (public school). 

5. The old bait-and-switch.  You actually thought you'd be able to take one of those 4 weeks of vacation days or 5 sick days?!  Haha!  And that you'd only work 20 hours a week?  Haha!  

Anyway, Korea has definitely got some issues going on with the whole ESL industry here.  Part of it is the unqualified teachers, but the other big part of it is lack of policies/laws that protect foreigners in the case of unqualified hagwon owners masquerading as business people/educators or public school English teachers pretending that they can actually speak English and understand foreign culture.

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