Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Public school jobs in Korea

A decent summary of the Gepik/Smoe/Epik programs in Korea.  However, there is one inaccuracy.  These three do not encompass all the programs.  Gangnam, Chungnam, and Busan hire people apart from these programs.  There are probably more, but I don't know them off-hand.


Unknown said...

Hi, thanks for linking to my recent article on GO! Overseas. I just wanted to briefly add to your comment. You are absolutely right that many provinces do hire on their own, apart from the EPIK, GEPIK & SMOE programs. However, the provinces do still technically fall under the supervision of SMOE, GEPIK & EPIK. That said, you're absolutely right: It's worth mentioning that people can also apply directly to some of the provinces. That would have been a worthwhile additional point to make in the article. Anyway, thanks!!


Jackie Bolen said...

Thanks for the clarification