Friday, December 5, 2008

A modification of 20 Questions

My students are not really high enough level to be able to do 20 questions. I think if I tried, it might just wash over them in a wave of confusion. But I've been able to modify it to make a really fun game. We did a unit on "can" and we talked about questions. Examples: "Can it _______?" "What can it _____?" etc, etc.

So I narrowed it down to animals or things, using "can" questions. You could pick something from one of these categories and then tell the class which category you picked. I started off the game and put them in groups of 2 or 3 based on where they were sitting. Then we went in a circle around the class, going from group to group just to keep it fair and let the quiet people get a chance too. Each group would ask me one question and then get one guess. Eventually, some group would get the correct answer, so they get one point and then it would be their turn to pick something. Make sure they tell you so you can assist in answering questions or refereeing if need be.


1.'s actually a game that people would play in their native language.

2. Lots of practice speaking and listening to "can" questions in an environment where I could offer correction and help.

3. Apart from the first time where I picked something, it is a student-focused game because they ask and answer each other's questions.

4. Works on critical thinking, in English.

5. Because they were in groups, the stronger students could help the weaker students formulate their ideas into English.

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