Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Review Stuff

This week I've been doing review in my classes. And while cruising the internet for fun things to do, I ran across this really awesome game.

You have to make matching pieces of paper with questions/answers or something else that makes them obviously matching. Examples:

1.Scary movie 2.Horror

1.What's your biggest achievement? 2. My biggest achievement is getting into university.

1.What was the last movie you saw? 2. Last weekend, I saw the new James Bond movie.

Then cut them up in strips of paper. Hand them out to the students...about 4-5/student seemed to work well. Then they walk around the classroom trying to find their partner with the matching piece of paper. Once they find their partner, the students play rock/scissor/paper and the winner takes the matching pieces of paper and puts them in their pocket. That's one point. Stop the game when some people start to have no pieces of paper left and the winner has the most points.

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