Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Something that I've just started doing in all my classes is reading out loud. In the book I use (World Link, level 1) there are usually little reading blurbs to read to introduce the topic we are studying. Previously, I would have the students just read silently to themselves until I clued in that they would read but most of them would not really take anything in. I would ask them simple comprehension questions and most of the students didn't even understand the basics....

...until I started getting them to read out loud to their partner, alternating paragraphs or sentences. I think that creating a situation where there is a physical response, such as moving one's mouth and forming words or listening to your partner read helps them to actually take in what they're reading. It just engages more of the senses I guess and a different part of the brain as well. And I actually did notice a big difference in their reading comprehension when I asked follow-up questions.

Additionally, Korea is a very group-orientated culture so anytime the students can do something with a friend, they seem generally happier and less bored. Try it out!

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